App: Dragon box numbers

App: Dragon box numbers

When we see his fingers landing on the glass surface, we would really like him to come out smarter, smarter.
Is that really the case? Not by not taking the time to carefully select the applications contained in the machine.
Because if this one are of quality and well thought out for him, they will bring a real benefit to this time spent on the screen.


Age: from 4 years old Platform: Apple; Android
Material: math, numeration

What will the child do?

He will discover cute and colorful little characters. They have boils to chew on and move according to what the child wants to achieve.
Each has a value since they replace the wooden sticks called " cooking bars " an ancient game very clever creates to learn the value of numbers by manipulating them. Here, we twist them, cut them, lengthen them, tickle them and add them up to create figures, puzzles, and overlays to see... how far it goes.
To add them to each other, the child makes them eat and... it's very funny to see: they open a wide mouth and gobble up.
The child never gets enough and each step of the validated game gives him coins that allow him to advance further.


What will the child learn?

He will realize the value of the small numbers that are made to grow by feeding them.
Dozens are well marked and by force, the child naturally adds up without making any effort, without "suffering". He knows the color code of the characters and has no hesitation or reluctance to calculate.
Then, the complements to ten (3 - 7; 6 - 4; etc. ...) have no more secrets for him because he really integrated that must arrive at the black bar, which is equivalent to 10, and knows spontaneously what to add.
Finally, the race of "Nooms" stimulates him so much speed of calculation that he will respond from tac to tac to any calculation requiring a resolution.
Progress is often staggering because it is by stimulating the brain in calculation that it becomes very reactive.
This application allows this effect and the time spent on the tablet is finally well used.

How do I continue learning once the tablet time is over?

After having the child play with a cuisenaire virtual animated and funny, we will have him manipulate real colored wooden sticks so that he "feels" the values encrypted in his hand and evaluates by sensations what they are worth. Remember those little wooden rulers that were used at school to learn to count? This is a great game for kids. Let them compare, add and even stack them to make constructions.
Download Drabon Box Numbers for your child.

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