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It's summer! I need a break, you need a break, they and they need a break!

Long live the holidays! The month of July is well established and soon, the majority of families will be on holiday, the perfect time to take a break. You can already imagine yourself with your favorite book, relaxing in the sun for this well-deserved break! The last few days at work before the arrival of the holidays, you are excited as a child to finally take a break (a break from your colleagues, files that take too much of your time, daily grind, etc.). Throughout the year, some families feel like they are living fast and the arrival of the holiday period heralds the time of rest and, above all, the opportunity to recharge the batteries.

A break, even at the daycare!

Even though sometimes we feel that children have inexhaustible batteries, they also need a vacation. Indeed, in the summer, in the daycare, there are several changes. First of all, the educators (they too!) go on vacation, as do the majority of families. This period often results in changes in the training of groups and educators. Children find themselves with several educators, who have different ways of doing things and new play partners. For the little ones, these situations require them to constantly adapt and for some, this can be a source of stress. Although educational child care is a stimulating place for children, there is a lot of noise and always friends, even if you want to play alone. Sometimes, just like adults, children need to take a break from the schedules and group life. For educators, it is essential to be attentive to children's reactions, their needs and to respond to them while being warm and understanding. During the holidays, why not organize activities that allow different groups to meet outside to allow children to play with their friends. Free play can also be preferred and moments of complicity can be encouraged, allowing educators and children to take more time alone. We take the time to take a break, relax and enjoy every moment.

For school-aged children, the reality is different. While they have attended school and child care, some will return to the same premises for part of the summer to participate in day camps. For these pre-teens, who love novelty and dream of freedom, some find themselves in situations similar to the school year with a sometimes rigid framework. It is therefore essential for educators who work with this clientele to be attentive to the interests of children and to give them the chance to be independent in making certain decisions. They can be allowed to make choices of activities and projects, without being too framing in order to offer them a certain freedom. We take the opportunity to embark on projects that excite children. Why not make a film where everyone chooses their role according to their interests? Costume managers, set managers, actors, writers and cameramen who will be actively involved in an interesting project.

The family in pause mode!

What about the parents? Those who are on vacation and really need rest and who do not believe they have the energy to care for the children? Parents, too, need a break. The bottom line is that the holiday period does not become a source of constant stress and concern, but that it is restful. Children need simplicity, leave from the usual schedule, small touches and, above all, to take time with their parents. Holidays are wonderful times to create memories. Children are allowed to have free fun so that they can develop their autonomy and initiative. Instead of becoming parent-facilitators, children are allowed to get a little bored. Are they out of ideas?

We find an empty pot at home (Masson pot, yoghurt pot, etc.), we sit down with the children and ask them what activities they like to do, we note them (or we print a photo found on the Internet and for artists, you can even draw) su r pieces of paper that the children fold and deposit in the pot. That way, when you're reading and the kids come to you and say, "We don't know what to do!!! You invite them to get into the pot and that's it, you're done.

Don't forget to add, without their knowledge, scraps of paper with activities such as sweeping and emptying the dishwasher. For those who feel like they're running out of time, Les Belles Combines have made your life easier (again) by presenting you with a list of activities to print and insert into your jar! To get it, it's right here!


Holidays are an opportunity to take a break, to take small moments to change daily life. When you have the chance to go on a trip, it's fun and the perfect opportunity to create family memories. If you don't have that chance, you can create such pleasant memories at home and in our area. Here are some ideas to try:

  • The Parks Tour: Kids love to try new parks! Depending on your children's age, go by bike or car, bring a picnic and let them discover new playgrounds.

  • The day slush: cook with the kids and give them the chance to prepare a good slush! Cut a watermelon into pieces, or any other fruit, and freeze (you can also use frozen fruit). Then place them in a blender, add a touch of maple syrup (with a little water if needed) and enjoy!

  • The movie night: the weather is nice? Take the TV outside or with a projector, watch the giant movie on the wall of the house. It's raining? We settle into the house, bring mattresses, cushions, soft toys and eat popcorn.

  • Camping in the courtyard: children love camping in tents, and even in the courtyard of the house.

  • The Mexican fiesta: cocktails are prepared for the children and for dinner: nachos, salsa and cheese dip. You can even ask the children to tinker with decorations and why not, make a Piaata!

  • Privilege coupons: At the beginning of the summer, children are offered homemade coupons, where special permissions are written that children can use whenever they want (be careful, make sure you can keep your word when the children give you a coupon). My favorite ideas: bath break, permission to postpone sleep time by 30 minutes, pizza dinner. It's up to you to be creative and to please the kids.

Ideally, each child should have the chance to have a few days off from organized child care (CPE, family day care, day camp, etc.) during the summer. If you are not able to take a vacation, you can offer your children a break by adopting some habits:

  • Arrive a little later and leave the daycare early (then reduces the number of hours in the daycare and children can enjoy it at home)

  • Hire a student for the summer or a few days in the summer (children are lucky enough to have a break from time and stay in their pajamas for part of the morning, if they feel like it)

  • Ask a family member or friend to pick up the children for a day or an afternoon to do a special activity (children can take a break from group life)

I hope I have inspired you to make the most of your summer by taking several short breaks solo, in love and with family. What will be your favourite break this summer?

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