Discussion et découvertes avec Tammy Lacasse - Entrevue réalisée dans le cadre du 5@8 sans écrans

Discussion and discovery with Tammy Lacasse - Interview conducted as part of the 5 @ 8 without screens

Tammy is a photographer at heart! This art touches, shakes and crosses it. Armed with a powerful desire to explore and create, she captures small moments every day knowing very well how to let the emotions and the magic of everyday life shine in order to provide for the cherishing of them forever. Also known as Myman Dipper  she is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. His contagious joy will allow you to create simple, yet magical little moments during your 5 @ 8 without screens.   How many children do you have and how old are they?  Two children aged 5 and 7 How many screens do you have at home?  Two televisions, 2 ipad, 2 iphone On a "normal" weekday, how many hours are you with your children?  6 hours    How many hours a day do you see the screens?  On average 1 hour 30 minutes to be on my phone. A habit that you lost because of (or thanks to) technology?  The habit of looking for answers to my questions in books. What app can't you do without on your cell phone?  Instagram What application should you delete?  Facebook How difficult is it to manage your own screen consumption?   There was a time, now no. I often even forget my phone and can't find it again. Is there a rule for using screens in your home?  Children can watch TV in the morning before leaving for school only when their routine is complete. They have one video game day per week. They can play it when they get back from school until dinner. Are you more of a plane or FOMO (fear of missing out) mode?  Plane  

A lot of :

  Your favorite board game?   Guess who Your favorite children's book?   My little house Your favorite app for the little ones?   Teach your monster Your favorite family outing?  Take a walk in the neighborhood The toy that can captivate your children for hours?  Disguises As part of the "Challenge 5@ 8 without screens", Tammy invites you to chat while making discoveries thanks to the JOURNAL NATURE activity. Download for free from November 5  the little combination that will allow you to explore nature in the park, in the forest or simply in your course. Don't hesitate to share your 5 @ 8 photos on social media using # Défi5a8sansécrans

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