Une grand-maman parmi tant d’autres!

One grandma among many!

Being a grandma is a great privilege and also an important responsibility.
Only my maternal grandparents were present, very briefly in my childhood. My grandmother, Josephine, who died when I was 4 years old, was instrumental. His luminous face exuded such benevolence and gentle compassion that I felt safe and above all unconditionally loved. This short experience with my grandmother was the foundation of who I am with my grandchildren. Everything I say, everything I organize and everything I do with them, I do it so that they feel loved, safe, free to express what they are without hesitation. Short! Grandma loves them, is there for them and just wants to discover them!
I have the immense privilege of having the trust of my children and their spouses. They allow me to spend beautiful moments with them and also alone with my grandchildren. It is undeniable that their children are the most precious thing they have! This trust has been built over time by respecting their values and their way of intervening in the education of their children. Of course, their ways of doing things are different from the ones I used when I was a mother myself and I often find them very inspiring. I try not to harm them, but rather to put up with them in this demanding life.
From the birth of my first grandson, I told them that I had no intention of imposing myself, but that I would be available at all times. "One phone call and if I can, I'll be there!" Their well-being and that of my grandchildren was what mattered most to me. Eight years later, that's still the case! Of course, as a grandmother, making my contribution to the lives of these would-be beinges is a huge privilege and brings me great happiness. The more meaningful people in their lives, the more diverse and rewarding experiences they have. In this way, they acquire an invaluable background.
Very humbly, for me, the important thing is that these little children are at the center of our concerns, our intentions and this, for anyone contributing to their development.
In closing, I take this opportunity to thank my sons and their spouseford for the joys, the priceless wealth acquired from my little treasures in the making... Thank you, thank you for this great trust and privilege so appreciated.

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