Joue et Jase avec Vanessa Giguère - Entrevue réalisée dans le cadre du Défi 5@8 sans écrans

Cheek and Gossip with Vanessa Giguère - Meeting accomplished as part of Challenge 5@8 without screens

After her studies in design of mode, Vanessa fell in childish fashion, long before to have herself children. To draw clothes, it is her job, but since 2011, she is first and foremost mom! Mamarazzi taken, she confesses to take TOO MANY photos of her 2 children. She loves cooking (to read also to eat!), create and knock up (D.I.Y runs literally into its veins.) incorrigible Placoteuse, it is with great pleasure that she will prick you a jasette baby if you take the time to approach her. They love this inspirante editor web in TPL Mom! Sound count Instagram will indeed be able to inspire your 5@8 without screens!   How many children have you and how old are they? 2 7 1/2-year-old children and 5 1/4 years How many screens have you at home? 2 television sets, 1 bar, 2 computers (the PC of the daddy gamerand Mac of the mom designer) and daddy and mom have each to them cellular. Phew! This makes it a lot! A "normal" day of week, how many hours do you pass with your children? Very depending the hour of the waking, I pass 1 - 2 h with my children the morning, before their departure in bus. I work of the home Mondays and Fridays, these days I am therefore going to search them to the school directly at the end of classify, what gives us a token 4 h together at the end of day early of the bedtime. In the daytimes when I work of the office (from Tuesday till Thursday), I come back at home slightly later therefore to us have group about 2 h 30 in party. Our total hours passed together can therefore vary of 3 h 30 - 6 a day.   How much hour a day do you consult screens? Possibly too much! I work on the computer therefore for the sake of the cause, I will count only the time passed in front of other types of screens. In the morning I take my emails on my cell, during my half - lunchtime of dinner I am going often to stroll on Instagram. On the way back at home with the children, I try to line up my cell till the hour of the bedtime (Yé for challenge 5 - 8 without screens!). Instant application gives me an average of 2 h a day on my cell (I do not count use here that I can make it to listen to music or to podcasts since is only audio) and I will add in this the possible hour of Netflix in party with my lover for an average of 3 h a day.   What habit did you lose in reason (or favour) in technology? I remember epoch when my brain was a true telephone telephone directory. I had such a good memory to keep the telephone number (or of pager! haha) of tou.te.s my ami.e.s in the secondary. Now I am no no no...   What is the application without which you cannot go on cellular tone? I am fan of Instagram but since I made a pause of 2 months early in the year, I know pertinemment that I CAN go without it. I would opt therefore for application Podcasts. By car or in the work, I seldom listen to the radio. I prefer podcasts from a distance to enquire about feminist stakes, to discover new artists, to think on parentality, in short to choose the contents which join me. And in second place (it is very gripped) I would go with application Goodreads. I love books and as my memory is oh well returned (see the point above), I love being able to safeguard all interesting titles on which I fall and so to build a list to read much too long for the time that I really succeed in allocating in reading! Ironic, I know! What application should you abolish? Have I the right to say "application that I abolished and who misses me not at all"? Facebook. I withdrew him from my cell in March (at the time when I also deactivated my count) and I have never smelt the need to go back to it. As what it is possible to learn to pass without everything I overestimate. It is necessary to give the time to forge new habits and especially déconstruire our reflexes.   Is it difficult to manage your own consumption of screen? Nevertheless! My 2 months of pause of any forms of social networks this year however greatly opened my eyes at the time which I spent it, time which I had the pleasure of allocating in something else during my pause. Credit of time to read, to follow a line formation (ok, I was in front of a screen but I taught full of thing on botany), to draw, to create... This made me the biggest good and this encourages me to think about the daily on the use which I make of my cellular who is literally always within reach hand.   Is there a rule of use of screens at home? No screen on table, regulates that my boyfriend sometimes has misery to respect but that the children urge to underline him! And I love seeing them reprimanding it. Are you rather mode plane or FOMO (fear of missing out)? I have been for a long time in mode FOMO, but I learnt that to put notifs in off made me the biggest good.  

In gust:

  Your favourite parlour game? At present, the games of strategy are loved very much, those who make work the logic of the children, who encourage them to think one instant before playing. At the head of list, rather well equal are chess and game " Naval Battle ". My youngest sometimes needing a small nudge in the right direction to assimilate well rules of the game and surplus not to scatter, habitually 2 teams parent-child are formed. So it is possible to help them to refine their strategy by giving them small smartness along the way. My daughter asked to learn to play chess last year and at our biggest surprise, our youngest is interested in it now also. It is nice to see them noticing game and absorbing information, even if he does not know a game of table specifically conceived for the children.   Your book for child blow of heart? There is SO MUCH! Not for anything that I created, with my children, one compte Instagram where we share our blows of heart in literature youth. Lately, I think that it is the album"Secret du black rock" who stole my heart.   Your application preferred for the babies? For Christmas, we bought from the children a common present, that is the etui of games Osmo. I like that applications are educational but especially as they call the fine motivity of the children by alloying the bar with real rooms to be manipulated on the table to play the screen. Concept is very interesting, the game of "Coding" is particularly amusing for the children while making work their "Cocologie" as would say my daughter.   Your favourite family exit? Apparently a walking! A walk in kind it is free, this grounde everybody and this encourages us to decelerate to notice and to listen to what encircles us. Nice discoveries are habitually made there always and open air is good for all.   The toy which can enthrall your children during the hours? It is not really a toy but more an activity: the sabthe lunaire! When I discovered and to test a recipe very simple home (of the flour and the oil for baby), my children played of a way completely absorbed during almost 2 h. I had never seen them so calm and concentrated. Sensory activity par excellence, I confess you that even I I am charmed by the soft and so nice texture of the flour between my fingers. For an even more comforting effect, some drops of essential oil of lavender are very pointed out! Otherwise as toys, I would opt for Legos. As part of"Challenge 5@8 without screens", Vanessa offers you to play and to gossip during PARTY PARLOUR GAMES IN FAMILY. Anything of well complicating, a game is taken out or two and one plays it all family. Guaranteed pleasure! To inspire you, here is his beep 5 parlour games:
  • Naval battle, Janod
  • Taiga, Foxmind
  • Pictureka, Lauwers
  • Snakes and Ladders, Djeco
  • Batasaurux, Djeco (and all other small card games Djeco!)
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