La discipline positive chez les Nadeau-Lanctôt

Positive discipline among nadeau-Lanctôt

Desperate, I was looking for stuff, tools, a way to deal with the hassle of family life. My goal at the moment was the cleanliness of my big baby. Then I zyeutawas The general store. I was wondering if that kind of system would be beneficial.

I started quietly introducing it. Dominique had offered me to go in stages. First, just 5-block privileges, to make the concept concrete - and reason, when I offer a block to my son, he immediately asks me 5! Gradually, I introduced the 10 blocks - when I realized that it was a lot of Pat Patrol in a week.


As it is according to our values, our possibilities, I went with the few lollipops that Halloween 2016 had left us, as well as the privilege cards of the beautiful tricks. For 5 blocks, my son could have a lollipop, an outing to the park, etc. For 10 blocks, it was a show of his choice.

My husband found us a little scattered in our allocation of blocks. He thought it was too easy. Still, my son could take a good week to accumulate his blocks. Especially when he had to accumulate 10.

First, I gave blocks for gestures that I wanted to reinforce: if he helped, comforted, in short if he did a good deed naturally, without being asked. It was blocks "on the spot," without warning: "I'm proud of you! Here's a block in the pot." Then there were the blocks that were given for cleanliness: 1 block if it had a clean full day, 1 block if it peed at bedtime and at sunrise and 5 blocks if it pooped in the toilet. It encouraged him and I like to think it helped him a little bit.

As it is still not clean (live the holidays and lack of routine), I am still with this method. In fact, I even "loussée" him a little by offering him blocks as soon as he goes to the toilet without having to be forced. I take my pain in patience hoping I won't have any more poo in my hands one day. Literally.

The entire family is satisfied with this tool. First, my husband thinks it's concrete, that it allows us to work on our son's patience, rather than giving him a privilege right away.

My son also appreciates the block system that offers him great rewards. What's more, since I introduced the block counter, it is even more proud of it! And as Dominique mentioned, he quietly forges a mathematical reasoning: a big plus! I also tried to do it with my 18-month-old daughter... good, inconclusive. However, I plan to try again this fall, on the eve of his two years.

For my part, I really like the positive reinforcement that it allows. At first, my husband wanted to take blocks away from him if he didn't listen. That is not the point. The goal is not to punish or remove something when behaviour is negative, but rather to reinforce and encourage what is positive. For the teacher I am who hates the Behaviorist and his system of punishment, it is happiness. During my studies, I have read and learned about more effective methods that focus on child empowerment and positive reinforcement, and that is exactly what this tool allows.

In the end, this tool is exactly what we needed!

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