La planif chez les Loiselle-Bessette

The planif to Loiselle-Bessette

 Good morning, my name is Julie and I am disrupted. It's serious doctor?

For as long as I could remember, I was always rough draught. I want to plan nor to organise. However, I got a baccalaureate without problem and always been competitive in my jobs. I also have 3 children, with numerous activities and with appointment, a husband often left for job therefore I imagine that I take out not too badly.

On the contrary, since I am at home with the children, I confided a more pressing need to plan my daily a bit. It is not rare that I forget appointments and that I still do not know what to make to have late dinner returned in 16:00. Who really feels like knocking each other about the grocery with 3 turbulent kids one evening of week? Not I!

Then, flash of lightning of genius, am said to me who I have to begin getting organised a minimum and to find a tool to help me. No matrix Excel, no electronic knack where I must be connected with a password which I remember any more, no blank sheet which is going to finish blotted with sauce in spag either.

One planning family. Wholesale trade, effaçable and magnetised to highlight it well on the fridge. Even better, with a small section for tasks and activities of the children, but also parents and who combines the management of the meals of the week.

Bam! I found the perfect tool: planning family of the Nice Designs. He answers all these criteria. This helps me a lot to organise my week, even if this remains something that asks me for efforts.

But these efforts are worth there. Even the children participate! They help me to find ideas of meal and they discuss that together small “special missions” of the week this is productive very more interesting for them, and for me!

Good planif there!

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