Le Magasin Général, le coup de coeur de la famille Chénier

The General Store, the heart of the Chénier family

The Mother's Perspective Emmanuelle

Ah the General Store! I think it's probably the biggest hit of the Combines Belles if I trust my children. At first, I admit that I was a little fearful. I was afraid to install a conditioning system for my children, so that in the future they would ask to have something back from any service rendered.  I did go in there, and I admit that the privileges of privilege have charmed me. I think it's a great complement. Offering a non-material option to this system is more consistent with my values. The child who accumulates cubes can then choose a privilege of choice, which means that he is motivated and valued to help us and accomplish small things in the house or in the family, such as helping his brother or sister.

We were surprised to find that children sometimes wanted to join their blocks in order to obtain more quickly an object or privilege to share together. Also, apart from the privileges, we took advantage of this system to insert things that our children would have needed in all ways and that we would have given them, for example, pencils, toothbrushes, glue, elastics and lots of other things that we need and renew in one way or another.

The point of view of Papa Louis

The General Store Has greatly facilitated the performance of the small daily routines, which with many children, can easily degenerate. Indeed, it stimulates children to concentrate on their tasks as well as at least get lost on their way .... it is a beautiful tool for children a bit lunatic like ours! At first, the Privilege Coupons were abandoned for more concrete, tangible, visual items, but the greatest of them understood that they also had an advantage in enjoying the privileges that allowed them, for example, to spend time with a parent or to go to bed a little later.  

Also, anticipating the moment of the realization of the privilege, meant that they developed their patience, their perseverance. In short, it has developed beautiful values of mutual aid and sharing within the family and has reduced the number of baffles between children. In addition to giving a hand to the parents, it made good to the family, especially as my wife had just given birth to our sixth child. It was appreciated! The use of the block counter array has been an interesting tool to introduce the smallest to the concept of mathematical enumeration, to additions, subtractions and to the concept of quantity more, less, equal. Taking family training, we can only be seduced by the versatility of the block system to promote mathematical learning.

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