Le planificateur familial chez les Nadeau-Lanctôt

The scheduler family in the Nadeau-Lanctôt

When I became a family accomplice of the Beautiful Handsets, I worked just me create a small planner for my menu of the week. Pinterest was a big help, but I had not realized that the solution was even closer to me. By becoming an accomplice of the Beautiful handsets, I received what I was waiting for without knowing it: the scheduler family.

Seen that my children are at a young age, I do not use fully the scheduler. However, it is extremely useful.

I've taken the habit of always making my grocery list at the same time that the menu for the week. It provides a grocery shopping efficient and cost-effective. Nothing innovative here. My problem? I was losing my grocery list... and suddenly, my menu of the week! Oops! Certainly, I do not lose nor cast away my planner, well, hanging on the wall. Also, the menu of the week is in the sight of all. We know what we eat in the evening. When my children are older, I don't hear one ask me what we are having dinner the same night!

Also, how many times have I found to forget to buy a product that I had thought about all week? It would be necessary to buy more ketchup? Now I can note it on the planner. Once again, I'm sure I do not lose it. In addition, it will be well visible when I make my grocery list as I use the scheduler to do it.

The idea, for the disorganized in my genre, it is to have everything in one place.Projects? Plans? Of the appointment? A challenge? I the note. My husband who never knows what appointments we have no more excuses!

I have completed this tool with some of the tools that are received through e-newsletters and social networks: the grocery list and the task list,.

The grocery list is perfect for engaging children in the creation of the menu. It empowers, it obliges them to take account of the different food groups. From my side, it helps me to organize myself. Especially because it forces me to divide the food by food group, which allows me to ensure a balanced diet.

As far as the list of tasks, it is a little bit more. Just like that. What my children can accomplish as tasks to be indicated in the planner.

This thinks of that the man

My husband was immediately adopted this tool smart. Is what he asks me again what you eat in the evening? Yes. But I can respond to look at the menu! Also, appreciate the simple look. Not too feminine, not too childish. For all the world, what!

I'd like to tell you what think about my children, but for the moment, a 3 and a half years and 1 year and a half, they don't use it. So this is our small gift to us. Pinterest, and had very beautiful ideas. But they were sometimes complicated so that the scheduler of the Beautiful Handsets is quite simple: buy it, hang on. In addition, it contains all what I had imagined in 2-3 tools. It is more concise, less scattered, perfect for the parents of all the days that are organised... or not too!

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