Le retour au calme chez les Bessette-Loiselle

The return to peace to Bessette-Loiselle

I have 3 children with explosive character, each in their way. At home, the management of emotions, it is tough! They have the right to crises every day and I am “in end” to try knack which really does not work with my children, especially with my hot-tempered baby of 4 years! Withdrawal in the room: she hits in walls or breeze of objects. When I go with her there to try to comfort her, she refuses my assistant by giving me blows of feet to move me away. Withdrawal on the walk of staircases: nothing to make so that she stays there. Withdrawal of a privilege or of its favourite toy / toutou: she counters madman, to try to change her ideas: it's as if I spoke only, to make him a cuddle: she refuses that I approach her. I therefore continued my researches to find an appropriate tool. It is at this moment that I had great opportunity to try the etui back in the peace of the Nice Designs.

This small box is as one treasure chest of peace for children. A tool ready to be used, improved for the moms "in the juice" as me who have no time (especially not desire makes it shuuttt) to start to make of DIY! They find there objects which are going to help the children to empty their excess of emotions in another way that to knock on the small brother! Bullet of stress, packet of leaves to be torn or to crinkle (ahhhhhh this, this is good!), pictogrammes to admit well emotions lived in retrospect, cardboards of actions of repairing, etc. They can of course "Pimper" and customise it.

For my part, it is especially my last baby who uses it therefore I created him a nice quiet corner hidden of hair, cushions, preferred toutous, box of handkerchiefs. In the box of the Nice Designs, I added to it a ball to help it to breathe, a comforting bottle, pencils of colours and a nice notebook to colour in its choice. OK, this succeeded at him to tear the pages of the notebook to be coloured very new instead of the packet of leaves envisaged with this effect and included in kit but this is part of the game! Attention therefore to what you add to it. The bullet of stress also was sometimes to throw nobody with all his/her might fortunately of was hurt!;) The fact remains that it is apparently the tool which works the best for us for the management of crises. It is not miraculous, my daughter did not give up making crises when this box arrived at our place. Worse it is perfect just like that.

The juvenile children experience difficulty in expressing themselves and in managing their emotions it is also necessary to try to include them, there is misery still as adult in spite of our supposed emotional maturity! Myself, once, was pumped solid in comparison with a retort of my big of 9 years I would have felt like throwing him by the window (token ok not in this point, but almost!!!!!) faque I sat down in the corner of peace and I tore some paper! Well what, the management of emotions, it is for everybody! The etui contains besides nice small pictures of different emotions which can be felt, this helps us therefore to make a comeback with the child when this one is tranquilized.

In short, idea is simply to give a boost to them, not so that they make no more crises, but so that they are equipped to manage them well. The etui back in peace is a nice discovery for our family. It is jointly used to the General Shop and this goes better and better. Easy, but surely as they say!

Julie in the juice

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