Planifier chez les Chénier!

Plan with the Chéniers!

Mom Emmanuelle's point of view

Being a mother at home to a very large family, I confess that everyday life can easily become chaotic. Sometimes I find it hard to remember the thousand and one things I need to do in my week. The tool Planner weekly was to me like a kind of empty head. When I had an idea or a memory of something I had to do or an idea of activity to do with the kids, I could hop! take the pencil and write it down. Planning meals for my week has helped me enormously to have an overview. Also the fact that it is easily accessible in the house, allows my older children to consult the organization of the week. Otherwise, I really liked the challenge section, I could write down small tasks or challenges that we had with the children. I am a person who has trouble with personal discipline and consistency, these kinds of tools are very beneficial to help me at this level!

Dad Louis' point of view

Organizing and planning activities and meals is more my spouse's domain, but I enjoyed this tool because I could get an idea of the week's schedule and add stuff like food to buy at the grocery store. This gave us a little reminder of what we needed to get at our next commissions.

Constantine's 7-year-old view

I liked it because I didn't have to ask Mom what we were eating, I could just go read to find out. And also, I could say ideas for activities to do in the week and Mom was looking where we could maybe put this.

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