Quand papa Louis-Philip part en vélo avec Arthur

When papa Louis-Philip goes on a bike ride with Arthur

spring has finally pointed the nose. I really look forward to the snow part of our field to move on to something else. Put away the coats and boots... and throw the #$@%& of mitts will not dry up so much they are pierced and that didn't feel very good! When I shoveled the last snow we had, here, in the north, He exclaimed :
- what are You doing dad ? I pelte the snow. - Why ? - Because I'm tired of winter! - Already ?!
Yes... already! But hey, shoveling the latest dump of snow, to me clearly shows that I'm not as fit as I've ever been. A few years ago, to walk 18-20 km per day as a factor, I considered myself in shape physically. Except that now I am not the biggest factor! Every day I sit in my car for my daily commute and I spend my work day mainly sitting in front of a computer. When I look at my abs well hidden, I say to myself that I would have advantage to get that back. My little Arthur loves the bike. In the countryside, on our row where the speed limit is 80 km/h (but let's face it, it rolls further to 110), I'm not particularly reassured by the idea of leaving to discover the surrounding area. When I was his age, I remind myself that I was the only one to bike in the neighborhood without my parents don't see the problem. I'd like it to taste this kind of freedom, but this is not so obvious in our situation. Then last summer, I led him to the race track the high-school not far from our home. It is flat, it is easy for him and this was the perfect place to learn to ride without training wheels! There, I leave it to pedal and turn in round! He has always been very happy with this activity. Except that at the last Board of famille Arthur made a proposal: He wants to make a "real" bike with someone. Not a bike that goes round the bike to go and explore. We listened to it all carefully, but Arthur only looked at anyone other than me during his intervention... so I guessed that it is with me that he wanted to go exploring on his bike. It was then agreed together that we would be doing a bike ride per week, every two! I have a little tendency to overestimate my physical capabilities. I've done it when I've climbed the mountains at St-Zénon. I did this when I coachais soccer in Saint-Damien, and I thought it was a good idea to organize a game of 14 against me and the assistant coach. I've even done it when we decided to make the tour of the lake as a first hike! The worst of it was that Arthur seemed to find it so difficult! One thing I have noticed as a dad-that-stops-not-try-to-put-the-race-to-foot-to-its-schedule-but-that-there - sometimes-not, it is that, at bottom, it is much easier to make the children move if it moves with them. (Hmm... Or maybe it's the opposite!) Well, it seems to be a no-brainer, but at times, we must remember and put a little of his own. Arthur it is not the child the less active. It makes a lot of activities: the winter circus, the summer of riding, he participates on the cross country of the school, in short, I rarely need him to get out a thousand arguments to convince him to move a little. The exercise becomes an excuse to spend time in both. We discover, we explore, we laugh, we are fascinated to discoveries (bike paths in the wood are extraordinary for that). In the background, the bike, I do it a little for Arthur, because that will be our activity for us this summer (and mom will be joining too shortly with Stephen). It is fun to see it go on two wheels, follow the highway code and improve his stamina. But I have to say that I am also a bit for me. I must admit that the "Daddy, you, your abs are hidden behind your tummy" hurts my pride.

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