Se calmer le pompon chez les Chénier

Calm down the bobble to Chénier

The point of view of mom Emanuelle

Etui back in peace an accessible place for the children allowed us to set up to give them tools to centre on what they live, to put words on their emotions and to allow them to find strategies of repairing in direct link with the situation requiring a withdrawal. The different tools introduced in limps her is easily adaptable. I particularly liked the small chips on emotions, person with a strong visual sense being easily that can be spotted and concrete for the child. But what is on good terms the etui it is that it is possible to supplement her to the liking of our moods. We therefore used this corner to insert books which favour peace and introspection, for example of books of yoga, of massage for children. I think that the one who most used this tool it is my 3 and a half years old that is of impulsive and emotional nature. Everything in his life is amplified, situations, his emotions.. .. The Etui back in peace particularly helped it to take the time of food its feelings and although he could not read yet, he was capable of saying: "I feel just like that" by checking off the picture of emotion. What allowed us to say "ahhh yes you feel disappointed sad" therefore to put words on its tears.

The point of view of daddy Louis

Limps her back in peace allows an opening dialogue. The child who takes the time to think about situation with ideas of gestures of repairing and of other strategies of reflexion and of management of emotions, can then put more words on what he lived, what returns the possible feedback of the children with other persons concerned or with the parents. The child can think about repercussions and within the reach of his gestures. I found that this tool was easily inserted in a bit chaotic daily of a large family. Indeed, the children always live between them on situations of conflicts and sometimes their words or their gestures are impulsive because of fact that they find it difficult, seen their age, to manage their emotions and felt. Limps her back in peace is undoubtedly a means to help them to walk along at this level.

We had a lot of pleasure to decorate the room of peace, we put a baby bouddha, books of meditation, positions of yoga and we fabricated ribambelles of baby "ojos of dios" so that they feel well to be there. With it limps her back in peace added on the table, was the fun.

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