Une Grande Récréation à la hauteur de nos attentes!

A Great Recreation lives up to our expectations!

Last July 7th, I had an extraordinary day! Yes there was the sun, yes the sky was blue, yes there was the beach, but that's not what gave this day its unique character. On that day there were people, parents and children, there was sweetness, there was beauty, there was comfort. Despite the disconcerting simplicity, there was magic and wonder. With Genevieve Jetté from Recreation and our respective communities, my motto was put forward for one day: To live better. Do a service often. Marvel more. It wasn't a party like any other! It was a gathering imbued with the most beautiful values, those that we often tend to lose in our daily hubbub. It was a 12-hour party, which rather than leaving us exhausted filled us with good feelings and a very singular energy. I spent a day in a state of Flow, time has stood still. My only occupation: chatting with all of you, but also punching hundreds of small cards of good deeds. Good contagious deeds, since ALL the children walked with their little cards, sometimes picking up a waste, sometimes letting someone pass through a queue, sometimes congratulating a winner, sometimes asking the name of two new People. All this in great pleasure, without forcing, without fuss, but with a huge smile on the face! They were so cute when, with their eyes filled with pride, they walked over to the volunteers and told them what good deeds deserved a punch. I still see the pride and surprise on the parents' faces of how much their children value themselves in doing good things. On July 7, at the municipal beach of St-Gabriel-de-Brandon, there was an energy not possible! Happy people, from the four corners of Quebec (for real!) sharing moments with the unknown next door, creating a bond! And that makes me feel better, to see that all her families need to connect with others. Good news for you who have come to see us, the benefits of social connections are enormous, they can even increase longevity and strengthen the immune system.  It's still early to know if we'll be back next year, but secretly, we hope so!   A big thank you to all our partners and also to Brandon Family Target The Matawinie Alternative School Project and the company Sea Currentfor your participation in this great event!        

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