Quand papa Louis-Philip fait l'épicerie avec ses petits!

When Dad Louis-Philip is grocery shopping with his little ones!

It's Sunday, and like every Sunday, I get ready to go to the grocery store.  When I put on my coat, arthur asks me, "Dad where are you going?" When I tell him I'm going grocery shopping, he and his little brother beg me to take them with me! It's winter, you have to dress them up, tie them in the car and I admit I'd rather go alone. It would be so much more productive! But they're really excited to come with me, so I give in.
When they arrive at the grocery store, they start by persisting on knowing who will take the only small basket available and who will keep the carefully written list the day before. The older one takes the lead, his eyes glued to the list to the point where he almost fails to hit a display of jams. That's it, we've spotted another ingredient on our list. The youngest, goes to the race to add it in his apprentice micro basket, he feels like the padawan of the supermarket. One thing I've learned (despite myself!) is that when you're at the grocery store with two young children, you have to avoid the dark times. Otherwise, it can quickly become a nightmare. In any case, there are many things you can do to prevent the weekly visit to the grocery store from becoming an infinite back-and-forth in the aisles.
My mother can contradict me (and she will!) but I have very good memories of groceries. I'm not talking about the supermarket, but about our small neighborhood grocery store, which no longer exists (I checked, there is now a nail salon). I still have clear memories of our butcher and the vegetable aisle. I guess the celery has left a mark on me more than I thought.
"Dad, what's that?" I'm just thinking. Stephen intensively points to a fruit of the dragon. We will not hide that this is probably one of the most bizarre fruits that exists. Étienne reminds me that he bought the 'An item of your choice at the grocery store' privilege coupon thanks to his good behaviour sets out this week! I'm glad he chose this fruit over a box of fruit rolls! My children like to try things that are out of the ordinary, to diversify, to discover new flavors. It's crazy, from the top of their 3 and 9 years, my children have eaten more food than me in 30 years!  (Once we tried a Kumquat, God it was bad!) With his little hands, Étienne takes the funny fruit, observes it before placing it delicately in the basket. By the time of an eyelid, he is already catching a bag of celery. I'm not the only one who might remember celery at 35.
We continue our way, we sneak as much as we can in the Sunday morning crowd, then another problem arises ... a problem on which the fate of humanity obviously depends! There are no more than two litres of branded milk that is usually purchased. Arthur, then takes two one-litre containers. As a good teacher, I ask him, "Should we take two one litre of our favourite brand or a two litre from another brand?" So, we look at the price of the 100 ml to compare well. The verdict: The two-litre is more advantageous! And hop in the basket!
The journey is coming to an end. After carefully diverting our route in order to avoid the infamous aisle of chips and soft drinks, and having skillfully asked the cashier for a balloon to avoid any potential attempts to purchase gum, one pays, and places the bags in the trunk of the car. I'm already anticipating the worst. Surely we have forgotten something? Because even if you have a list, there's always this little essential thing that goes astray between two lines.
We arrive home, we start to bring the bags in and already everyone is busy putting the whole grocery store in the right place. Stephen puts the stuff in the cupboard and Arthur in the fridge! Everyone has their own task! The children already forget that they had put this or that in the basket. I hear "Oh yes it's true, we put this in the basket" and "Remember Mom, a dragon egg!" Speaking of that fruit. I liked it. Less guys. It's not a big deal, because anyway, there's still next week to try something else.

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