Bien vivre ensemble avec le cahier « Le Conseil de Famille »

Well living together with the book "The Family Council"

to Manage interpersonal relationships within our tribe is a task that can sometimes seem complex. The recurring problems caused by the small frustrations of each are often difficult to resolve. Especially that we are not always ready to receive them. I would even dare to say that there are these days where one is not pantoute! It is in these moments that one is bothered by hearing our oldest grumbling in front of his dinner and told us that it is never in the meals he likes or our youngest sigh that his brother does not stop to repeat everything that he said. These small inconvenience can sometimes come and screw up the family climate. An interesting solution to solve these problems is to set up a family council.

A family council, what is it?

A family council, this is a time where all members of the family, together, manage their daily lives. It highlights what is going well and we look for solutions to this problem. We discuss all that touches from near or far family life: organization, responsibilities, projects large or small, conflict resolutions or personal challenges.

A family council is not a court of law.

Unlike a court, the family council is not to search for culprits. Rather, it is a place where one seeks out ways to help each other, a place where everyone is accepted with their strengths and weaknesses, where you solve problems and where to search for consensus.

A family council, it teaches the fundamentals of communication and of living together.

Under the supervision of their parents, the children experiment with the mechanisms of conflict resolutions, they make the exercise of democracy, they develop their spirit of communication and are involved in the decision-making process. A great way to help your offspring to take ownership of some core values such as cooperation, equality, freedom of expression, respect of self and others, mutual support, justice, creativity and sense of responsibility. While giving you the immense privilege to live beautiful moments with family.

The book "family Council" of The Beautiful Tricks

to allow you To live this experience with yours, The Beautiful Combined have created a notebook reserved for this purpose. You will find in this book a page rules and contract, 50 pages of order of the day, a page message clear and some pages of the council "extraordinary" for emergency situations.

How does it work ?

First of all, it is necessary to introduce a kind of bulletin board where the children will have access to three envelopes. An envelope Thanks and congratulations, an envelope In search of solutions and an envelope I propose. During the week, the children will be able to insert in these envelopes of small bills on which they have included the things which they wished to discuss at the next board. Important fact: by establishing a family council, we have a new answer to the baffles of children : "We will discuss this at council." In our home, in case of disagreement, they must first make three clear messages, and if the problem persists, they should record this on a piece of paper and deposit it in the envelope provided for this purpose. When you introduce a family council in the family routine, you must first set a time of the week where all members of the family are available (in body and mind!) Family councils as "extraordinary" can also be organized in cases of extreme necessity. At the first council, we start by explaining how it works. It is also important to read all the rules and decide what will be the consequences for those who violate. Then everyone will sign to declare his or her consent. During a session, it starts by first making a return on the last board, we then pass the congratulations and thanks, and then we search for solutions to the problems and we end up with the proposals.

The little + in education

By putting into practice the family council, you will help your child to develop transversal skills present in the programme of the Ministry of education such as :
  • solve problems,
  • exercise critical judgment
  • implement his creative thinking
  • constructing his / her identity
  • to cooperate
  • communicate appropriately.
Not to mention that in playing the role of the secretary, the child will develop his competence to write a variety of texts. You contribute therefore to their success in school! "All is in all" as they say!

A trick with us

To make the moment even more special for the children, I accompany it with a snack surprise that we share. It is important to create an atmosphere that is light and pleasant so that the family council does not become a chore. Buy the book family council !