Coupons Privilèges - Récompenses pour enfants sages

Privilege Coupons - Rewards for Wise Children

Children often need a little motivation to give up a bad attitude or to adopt good behaviour. All parents use positive reinforcement in one way or another.  Sometimes you run out of reward ideas to reinforce these good behaviors! Privilege rewards are a good alternative to "material" rewards.

What is a privilege reward?

A privilege reward is simply to give the child a pleasant moment or a special activity to reward him for his good behavior. However, this pleasant moment should not be an essential need.

The Privilege Coupons Les Belles Combines

The Belles Combines have created a series of coupons on which there are privileges for wise children. For example: "Good for thirty minutes of television" or "Mom or Dad cooks you your favorite dessert". In addition to being economical for parents, this rewards system appeals to children. This series of coupons includes 16 privilege coupons as well as 4 blank coupons to customize your notebook by adding the privileges of your choice.

The small - educational

Like any positive reinforcement system, the use of these coupons will allow your children to develop certain cross-cutting skills in the Ministry of Education program such as:
  • Exercising critical judgment
  • Implementing creative thinking
  • Structuring one's identity
  • Cooperate
  • Something from home
With us, since the coupons are inserted in the General Store, children must accumulate ten blocks to qualify for a privilege coupon. My great Louis understood that if he kept a reserve of 10 blocks, he could take advantage of the privilege "Take lunch as an evening meal" and skip the fish meal of the week. It quickly includes these little beasts there! Buy Privilege coupons