Edgar, un inspecteur astucieux!

Edgar, a clever inspector!

His name is Edgar! Inspector Edgar! It’s Arsène Lupine from the organization, Colombo from the ranking, Hercule Poirot from ranking. His discerning eye sees everything: the misplaced sheet, the shoes thrown in a corner, the abandoned toys, the empty lunch box and even the clutter in the bedroom.  You sometimes want to cry out for help !!!! However, it seems that you are doing everything in your power to get your children to do their jobs conscientiously. Nothing to do, you should always go behind the youngest to be sure that he puts his boots, his coat and his school bag in the right place when he gets back from school. How about going through the game to get your way? It’s always a winner! It's easy, you just have to invite Inspector Edgar to your house! For children, Edgar is very real! Especially since he wrote them a letter which you will find in the packaging of this tool. In his letter, Edgar invites them to play a magnifying glass with him. Edgar works day and night to inspect homes in Quebec to make sure everything is in order. A bit like a Christmas elf, you never see it! It is therefore important for children to keep things in order.

How do you know that Edgar has passed?

 It's easy, he leaves behind little green, yellow or red magnifying glasses. A green magnifying glass means that Edgar is very proud of the child's work, that he has helped his parents well. A yellow magnifying glass means that the child has started well, but may not have finished entirely. And a red magnifying glass is used to show where the child could probably make a little more effort to help better in the house. When Edgar (me the parent!) Put a small green magnifying glass on Laurier's bed to underline his efforts, I take this opportunity to reinforce this behavior! Green loupes can be rewarded in all kinds of ways. With us, we use the General Store and give them one block per added green magnifying glass. A yellow magnifying glass is a warning, and a red magnifying glass causes a loss of privilege! In addition to being fun for the kids, parents appreciate Edgar as they no longer have to constantly step behind their offspring to make sure they did it right. All they have to do is make an occasional little tour to place these magnifying glasses wherever they deem necessary: ​​on the toy chest, on the bed, in the chest of drawers, in the pocket of the well hung coat (or not!), on the pair of shoes well placed on the bedroom door or in the empty lunch box and put back in its place! Are you ready to play a magnifying glass with Edgar? Go to boutique!