Le planificateur familial hebdomadaire Les Belles Combines: l'outil parfait pour une saine gestion du temps!

The family planner for good time management!

When the house is filled with small people and there are several agendas to manage, you have no other choice: you have to organize to get everything orchestrated. To balance work and family, we must learn to properly manage our time AND that of others!

The Family Planner Les Belles Combines

The Belles Combines have created a very convenient and equally pretty weekly planning sheet.  (Okay, we haven't reinvented the wheel but our planner has a little "design" side of his own!) This tool brings all the relevant information together in one place to see, at a glance, what the week is like. It includes the week's meals, the activities and appointments of each, the household chores of the parents and the "small missions" of the children. Finally, there was also room for weekend projects, personal notes and things to add to the grocery list.  In short, it should solve the problems of "you didn't tell me," "I didn't know about it" or "what do we eat for dinner?" This saves us a lot of misunderstandings. (Like the day the Passe-Partout teacher called my house to find out if anyone was picking up my little Louis because the class had been over for several minutes. I'm not telling you how embarrassed I was.)

The small - educational

In order to give an educational character to the thing, a small space has been allocated to the "Mot of the Week". Write a quote, a new vocabulary word or an important value for your family! If you don't have any inspiration, check out our "Little Words for Kids" painting on the Pinterest website.

Something from home

By giving my children "small missions," I begin to empower them by involving them in the household chores of the home.  Presented in this way, household chores take on a playful aspect and almost look like a game. You should see my two 3- and 4-year-old sparrows pass the feather duster or assemble the pairs of stockings while listening to the theme music of the movie Mission Impossible, pretty funny!  When children work together, work-life balance is facilitated. Buy the family planner

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