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weekly family planner

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Develop the autonomy of the little ones and the sense of organization of the older ones ... even of mum and dad.

Managing daily life can become a big headache. This weekly planner will make your life easier.
It will also allow you to empower your children and help them find their way in time.

Not suitable for children under 3 years old as this product contains small parts.


Size: 17 x 11 in (43 x 28 cm)

Thickness: 0.5mm

Rounded corner design for long-lasting aesthetics


  • 1 fully magnetic and erasable surface planner
  • 1 “today” magnet to situate your child in time
  • 1 dry-erase pencil


IMPORTANT: The magnetos adhere to the planner ONLY if the latter is placed on a metallic and/or magnetic surface.

  • Save time by planning meals for the week.
  • Plan your week even more easily with Mini Magnetos.
  • Move the star magnet to mark the current day
  • Get the Magnetos "My little missions" and delegate tasks to children to empower them.


Easily cleans with:

    English version of an unopened the Belles Combines Weekly Planner
    Aperçu du planificateur hebdomadaire familial aimanté Les Belles Combines
    English version of the Belles Combines Weekly Planner
    English version of the Belles Combines Weekly Planner used with magnets
    Aperçu du crayon effaçable à sec noir et aimanté pour planificateur Les Belles Combines/ Preview of the magnetic dry erase marker pen for boards Les Belles Combines

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