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App: The sound of letters

When we see his fingers landing on the glass surface, we would really like him to come out smarter, smarter.
Is that really the case? Not by not taking the time to carefully select the applications contained in the machine.
Because if this one are of quality and well thought out for him, they will bring a real benefit to this time spent on the screen.

The sound of letters

Age: from 4 years old
Platform: Apple; Android
Matter: reading, sounds

The Importance of Sound Discrimination

The quickest way to master reading, and to gain an understanding of what we read, is to match graphemes and phonemes. (letters and sounds)
Thus, auditory discrimination is essential: that is, the child must distinguish the sounds that make up the word. Otherwise, it will be impossible for him to understand how they consist.

What will the child do?

He will decipher sounds, understand the meaning of a word associated with these phonemes, print it in his brain and use it as a basis for later access to the way of writing sounds. The application will make him listen to sounds, make them recognize disacknowledged in words that he will have to select through labels if the sound is present, he will register himself by pronouncing the sounds learned. It will also go through the graphics and learn to trace the letter that corresponds to the sound studied because the app is not limited to sound but makes the bridge with the graphemes - the way to represent the sound in writing.       

What will the child learn?

The child will learn to recognize, distinguish and reproduce sounds before moving on to the writing of the studied sound. 
He's taking his time. There is no pressure or evaluation. He moves at his own pace and returns to the sounds seen the day before to record them because the learning is done in repetition.

How do I continue learning once the tablet time is over?

Designate the child with objects containing the sound worked on the tablet and ask him if the one is at the beginning, middle or end. A nice alternative would be to ask him to designate us objects containing this or that sound. You can also invite the child to draw them to create a repertoire of sounds. Good discovery!

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