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You can live a more orderly family life with cook it and beautiful combination

In order to celebrate the second episode, our wonderful family planning series, beautiful combination, we work together with one of our companies. CookPage: 1 Because both of our companies want to facilitate the lives of Quebec families, we give you an opportunity to get a huge reward so that you can better manage your precious time. Page: 1Cook gift certificate value $116 116 dollars for a box Cook You can save lives When it's weekend, the youngest hockey practice is too much, the greatest swimming class, and we don't have enough time to plan lunch and grocery store, one day. Cook! Satisfaction guaranteed! Two point one Weekly family planner The $19.95 food program, parents' work, children's small tasks, activities and dating have never been easier. Learn from professional translators, companies, web pages and freely viewable translation libraries. We also added a small star magnet to commemorate today, so that the smallest star can find itself there. Everything is on an erasable magnet surface Excellent! Page: 1 Class A My little task $9.95 a series of magnetic and game graphics will motivate your child to participate in housework. These magnets are fully inserted into the "small tasks" section and allow tasks to be assigned visually. At each level, each level has its own color. Four point one Family planner $19.95 plan the schedule of all family members to avoid time conflicts and become a real children's game. Include everyone's activities and appointments as well as special festivals and occasions! A star magnet "is used to mark today's days, so that even the smallest can find it there, count its many, until the long-awaited days. Everything is on an erasable magnet surface We love him! 5.Magnios February and Special Appointment and Activities These small video recorders supplement family planners with $47.90, enabling them to quickly observe the timing of the entire family. They also familiarize young people with the concept of time. Let's make sure you don't have to worry anymore Competition rules:
1° Conditions for taking the competitive examination;
Page: 1 Follow instagram's account and chef
Page: 1 DistinguishTwo moms (or dads) are inspiring to share the game with them!
2° Place of public complaints: and place of competition announcement:
3° The deadline and time for taking the examination shall be from February 6 to 8:00 p.m. on February 10, 2019.
4° 1. Description of award method; Winners will be randomly selected from the responses received from the instagram belles combines and chief cook it accounts, and commented on the two accounts, with the beautiful combo contacting via private email to recover the price.
4.1° Once a week family planner beautiful combination($19.95) a beautiful combination of monthly family planners ($19.95), a beautiful combination of ($1) level small video tasks Copy this website code to your website to set up a ballot box on your website.
5° Specify the location, date and time of the winners Facebook and instagram at 8 a.m. on February 11
6° Media tag to notify winners of awards; direct message via instagram.
7° The place, date and time limit for requesting a quote, or, as the case may be, the time limit for sending the price to the winner; the winner must respond to instagram's message by 8:00 on February 14, 2019, otherwise, Meili Group reserves the right to choose a new winner.
8. "Beautiful portfolio" and "cook it", its employees, representatives, agents and people associated with them are not allowed to participate in the competition.
"... disputes over the organization or conduct of advertising competitions may be referred to the alcohol, events and games authority for resolution. A dispute over the award of a price can only be referred to the authority for intervention in an attempt to resolve the dispute. "
11° The nature of the test a winner must undergo in order to receive a reward
12 ° competition is only open to Quebec residents

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