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Great ORGANIZED FAMILY, FULL FAMILY contest in collaboration with NAITRE ET GRANDIR!

I am the mother of soon 6 children. I can say, without being mistaken, that the site I have visited the most since the first one arrived is Being born and growing up. The first contractions, a fever that rises too quickly in a toddler, delayed speech, a child who does not want to sleep in his bed, preparation for kindergarten, lice, ideas for stimulating activities and so on! I have clearly opened this page for a thousand and one reasons. Each time I found answers to my questions or something to calm my worries. That's why I keep going back often to validate certain information before sharing it with you! It's an incredible source of parental information! Development, play, education, health, nutrition and psychology are all topics covered by the experts at Being born and growing up and answer most of our questions.

Being born and growing up It is a magazine (you know, the one you consult every time you go to the paediatrician or the school sends you to your child's postman!) but also and above all, a website that accompanies parents from the conception of their child until the age of 8 years. This is their mission and believe me, they do it very well! Easy to consult and understand, the texts are accessible because they are short, concrete and easy to understand. The information shared is reliable because it is scientifically validated.

When Being born and growing up approached us to create a contest with our products, we were extremely flattered. This resource that I have consulted thousands of times came to us to set up a partnership during the time of a contest, considering our products as useful and well thought out tools for families! WOW!

Here are all the details of this great contest! Take part in great numbers!


  1. The prize consists of:

    • One (1) weekly family planner ($19.95),

    • Two (2) small mission packages ($19.95),

    • One (1) monthly planning package ($60.95),

    • One (1) routine bracelet ($24.95),

    • One (1) set General Store ($44.95),

    • One (1) calm down kit ($39.95),

    • One (1) display of Quiet Zone ($19.95),

    • A (1) Little Messengers door hanger kit ($19.95).


To enter the contest, visit the contest web page between April 6, 2020 9:00 a.m. and May 18, 2020 11:59 p.m. and follow the instructions to complete and submit your entry online.

Follow the link for full contest rules and regulations.

Comments (8)

  • Sandra St-pierre on May 06, 2020

    Wow c’est un très beau concours

  • Isabelle Tremblay on May 06, 2020

    Merci pour le concours.
    Avec cinq enfants cela serait plus que gagnant a la maison!!

  • JUstine tRemblay on May 06, 2020

    Merci pour ce merveilleux concours le olanificateur de semaine nous a sauver !!

  • Pascale Theriault on May 06, 2020

    Sa dlair vraiment cool et pratique merci 😁😁😁🙏🙏🙏

  • Pascale Allen on May 06, 2020

    Allo!!! Super beau concour. J’aime beaucoup les produits des belles combines. J’ai 3 garçons et on dit jamais non à de l’organisation.

  • Pascale Allen on May 06, 2020

    Allo!!! Super beau concour. J’aime beaucoup les produits des belles combines. J’ai 3 garçons et on dit jamais non à de l’organisation.

  • Diane Ricard on May 06, 2020

    Merci beaucoup, j’aime beaucoup vos billets. Je les partage à mes filles. 🙏🏻

  • Anny on May 06, 2020

    WoW !!!beau concours que j’aimerai bien gagner pour ma famille et mon ti loup tsa de 4 ans qui en ce temps du
    Difficile perds tout ses repère merci bcp!!

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