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Posts tagged: Âge_0-24 mois

When routine gives way to family rhythm

Life goes fast. Modern family life is often perceived and experienced as a mad, unrestrained and chaotic race, where our youngest child goes crisis after crisis and where our oldest child does not even respond to our thousandth repetition to brush his teeth. We're going to be late, go hop,...

10 principles to become a pro of the discipline

To be "obeyed" by our children is the story of our life, the parents! Sometimes fatigue, impatience, discouragement and irritability take over and the task becomes very heavy. Education and its principles seem to change every 10-15 years, like fashion! Before discipline was more focused on obedience itself. Today we...

Mom, dad, reassure me!

We define safety by the feeling of being "safe" and satisfaction to maintain a " confident and calm ". A simple definition that leaves us with an interpretation in the broad sense and little concrete. The concept of security can include several factors of a physical, psychological, financial, social and...

I move all the time, I'm smart!

Your mini on the move. He needs to be active and manipulate to focus. Learning is more difficult because it is difficult to sit for long periods of time. It is possible that your child may simply have a dominance of kinesthetic intelligence. In this article, we will discuss this...

Fun between apples, cereals and fishmongers!

For a majority of parents, shopping with children is an impossible equation. However, it is one of the moments to share that is most precious for children's learning: you can touch food, smell it, taste it even sometimes, if you take the time to stop. But it's much more than...

One grandma among many!

Being a grandma is a great privilege and also an important responsibility. Only my maternal grandparents were present, very briefly in my childhood. My grandmother, Josephine, who died when I was 4 years old, was instrumental. His luminous face exuded such benevolence and gentle compassion that I felt safe and...

Imperfect mother I farted my tick!

Like you, I'm a parent. I'm a mother of two. Although I am a parenting coach and have knowledge of child development, discipline tools, behavioural strategies, the fact remains that at the base, I am a human being who has his ups and downs, his good bad days. Yesterday, I...

How to put a little "slow" in his summer?

The bell rings at the end of the year. The summer holidays begin. The race for activities has begun! Many parents organize and plan their children's summer in the same way they do for the school year: day camp, classes, sports activities, camping, remedial classes, outings, appointments, etc. Activities follow...