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Posts tagged: autonomie

My summer range station

Have you noticed that living in Quebec makes it more difficult for our children to develop independence? Why is this? Because each season has its own set of little instructions that children have to learn from year to year. Some examples? In winter, there are mittens and boot felts to...

When routine gives way to family rhythm

Life goes fast. Modern family life is often perceived and experienced as a mad, unrestrained and chaotic race, where our youngest child goes crisis after crisis and where our oldest child does not even respond to our thousandth repetition to brush his teeth. We're going to be late, go hop,...

Mom, I've lost my mittens again!

January is barely started that Laurier has already lost 2 mittens (of the same hand), two faux-collars and the beautiful little reusable juice box that I had bought him for ecological and economic reasons. Each time, I ask him to take a look at the lost objects of the school....

A smooth start to the new year!

Imagine for a second that tomorrow you start a new job. This involves a new boss, new colleagues, new expectations, several new functions and a new environment. If I told you that from tomorrow, you also have to get back to physical training, three times a week. To complete it...

Tips for consumer apprentices

Tips for consumer apprentices  Before the age of 21, children are exposed to more than a million ads! From a very young age, they are the targets of marketing strategists to develop their tastes and preferences for certain products. When you visit grocery stores, the colorful characters in the boxes...

Ready for school?

We are told of the start of the school year well before the end of the holidays and although we sometimes want to run away from it, it comes quickly enough! As parents, you can take several actions to facilitate this transition moment… Whether it is in the organization of...

The pocket to esteem, a gen-ni-a-la idea!

When my blogger partner Cynthia Larouche told me about the concept of pride tickets and self-esteem, I thought it was a great idea! (By the way, his entire blog post Self-esteem one step at a time is awesome!) Already, in my "over-stimulated" mom's head I saw the script at home....