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Posts tagged: famille

Our children and nature

  Almost every weekend, during school holidays or spring break, we go out with the family to the forest. Since I was a little girl, I've always spent a lot of time in the woods! Normal, my father, now retired, was a forest entrepreneur. He prospected land, cut wood and...

Eat a habit in family to be taken!

Every parent is keen to make grow good eaters. All are so-so tried to vary offered meals and they hope to make like all this good food to our children.

When routine gives way to family rhythm

Life goes fast. Modern family life is often perceived and experienced as a mad, unrestrained and chaotic race, where our youngest child goes crisis after crisis and where our oldest child does not even respond to our thousandth repetition to brush his teeth. We're going to be late, go hop,...

When planning meals becomes an educational family activity!

Giving our children good eating habits is a way of preserving their good health and ensuring that they will preserve it themselves in the future. Both the way we plan our meals and our "food" shopping habits have a big influence on what our children will develop. The example is...

Being a family and work tightrope walker

I like to believe that all mothers are family and work tightrope walkers. Indeed, like the tightrope walkers you can see in the circus (don't you feel like you're in the circus, sometimes, when you come home or at dinner time?), they move on a tight wire and have a...