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The book that will increase the birth rate in Quebec

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I needed to organize the family and clear my head. Calendars are perfect. I love the clean look. My kids also use them for the week's activities.


Great kit that saved my vacation ! This kit helps us a lot. Even the parents use it to calm down, it drags everywhere and it was very useful on holidays.


Intelligent product, playful, which makes the child progress. Since the implementation of this system in the home, reduction of crises and pride in the achievements accomplished. She loves counting her tokens every night!


You guys are inspiring and at first when I started following you I thought ahhhhhh I won't find myself in that reality of a big family since I only have 2 children...but in the end it helps me a lot even with my 2 person routine! Thank you for everything and congratulations for your 7 babies! Hihi (6 children and a book) haha 💜💜💜

Marie-Pier Jacques

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Belles Combines