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Les Belles Combines

When should I tell an adult?


Do you like small reporters or small pierced baskets? If your children are 4 or 5 years old, you may have one at home! Reporting is very common in children of this age and even in older children! As a general rule, the child "reports" to get your attention.

Because by reporting he knows you'll take care of him.

Also, as he can now differentiate a good from bad behavior, he uses reporting to highlight himself, often by denouncing another child! Denouncing a comrade shows that HE did the right thing in contrast to his comrade.

Would you like your child to stop paying? It is true that the little rapporteurs are often infuriating!!! Here's a small print poster that will help you explain the difference between reporting and reporting. There is even a little exercise to be done to make sure your child understands both of these principles. Why not print it out and post it so it's a reminder to the whole family!

When should I tell an adult?